Rain and Me.

Nimbuses gathered and with one loud thunder,

the drops lost their balance and fell down

to be hugged away from death by the soil,

to be lost in the depth of the potholes and

to slide across the green carpets hanging from the branches.

The rain drops fall, slide and are happy to lose them because they have people looking forward to them at the other end.

Maybe I was not as lucky as the drops of rain,

because when I fell neither was the ground eager to hug me nor were the leaves.

Tranquility was where my soul got lost and the blood was what the ground relished as I lay there, unnoticed.




When Songs tell a Story. A Tribute to Chester.

A/N- I am deeply saddened by the sudden demise of the great singer, the inspiration behind numerous music bands that came into existence after listening to Linkin Park Songs, CHESTER BENNINGTON. We have always loved you sir and the world won’t be any musical now!
this is an attempt to use most of their songs into a storytelling verse of how we are affected by this sudden incident!
We’ll keep you in our memory, forever!


The Faint memory of your songs Crawling up in my Castle of Glass, Numbed me for What I’ve Done. Breaking the Habit and Burning it Down like the Burning Skies of that afternoon finally getting Lost in the Echo as the Shadow of the Day went out, Guilty all the Same.


Now I am One Step Closer to your Final Masquerade, the fear From the Inside is up to the brim. I need to stay here Until it’s Gone finally getting A Place For My Head.


But I didn’t know getting late would make me enter a New Divide where the Light  Never Comes. The Catalyst to the life of million people was Waiting for the End, all Given up. He was heading Somewhere he didn’t Belong retiring from the Battle  Symphony.


With a Heavy heart, I promised for No more Sorrows for he always said,

“When you’re feeling empty,

             keep me in your memory


                              Leave Out All The Rest.”


Full moons and Her story.

A full moon day.

There is always something strange about the full moons. The nights are calm, soothing and still. But this stillness always intrigued her.


Sitting by the pond, she slowly lowered her legs into the water disturbing the stillness of the still night in the reflection. The water burned against her legs sending chills throughout her body.


Stepping forward and entering inside the water, she hoped for the cold water of the pond to sooth her body which has been through an imperial affliction for the past few days.


A silent scream numbed the already stunned night.


The moon looked in horror. He never knew if he was in luck or not to be the only one to witness her getting closest to the animal behavior.


The cry of the pack could be heard from a distance, she emerged from the pond and ran in the opposite direction.



Colorful Geology of Dolerite

This is a collaged photo of thin-section of Dolerite.

Dolerite holds a marked place in the QAPF diagram. It is an intermediate between Mafic gabbro and Felsic granite. So the minerals present are Quartz, Plagioclase, alkali feldspars, amphibolites, biotite and some specimen like this one contain epidote.

The bottom right-hand image shows us parallel alternate dark and bright bands which are geologically termed as “Lamellar twinning”. And this type of twinIMG_20161103_152722.jpgning is mostly found in Plagioclase mineral. These are also called Polysynthetic Twinning.






The two images below show minerals with cross-hatched twinning or Tartan twinning which is distinct in Microline minerals.


The random orange laths present are Biotite. And I am not sure what the green mass may refer to Amphibolite or Epidote. ( A little help here would do)





The Tempest

And the book of thousand words says tempest to be a storm, a violent wind storm.

But in the world of literature, sometimes it is Shakespeare and sometimes Gibran.

Sir William Shakespeare penned down ‘THE TEMPEST’ and Sir Kahlil Gibran named a chapter of his famous novel ‘The Broken Wings’ as “The Tempest”

So from the eye of literature, Tempest is an adjective,

                       “Sometimes a conjured plot for deception and sometimes it is the screaming surge taking shape in the hearts of two lovers who can have everything but each other.


Now that you are leaving,

Now that you are leaving, I will be back to the world of mundane.

Now that you are leaving, I will return to the diary to voice my tales unheard.

Now that you are leaving, I will try hard not come across people asking about how I am doing.

Now that you are leaving, I will look forward to for you arrival at the nightfall!






Wrapped is the cold dark night in the warmth of the starry sky,

yet is afraid of losing this feeling of love at the sunrise.

But someone here is waiting

waiting for his pious appearance at the dawn, to wrap her in his warmth and radiance above all.



How does one cope up with the loss of her loved one? Who does she turn to share her thoughts, her dreams, her desires, her tears?


He left her.

Maybe he was never there after all.

She thought of the days when she used to share her darkest, deepest and desperate desires but he was no Mirror of Erised who would reflect it.

As she remembers, he was dark, tall but she never saw his face and he used to wear not so distinctive dark clothes.

There was even a pattern in his arrival, as soon as the lights went out and she lit the candles he would appear from nowhere.

But he left her now.

Or maybe he’s still there and she’s not able to see him anymore.

The hands scanned and roamed against the walls where he used to appear everytime it went dark.

Now that she felt darkness all around, he was nowhere to be seen anymore.

He’s still there but the power with which she saw him was no more there.


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone turns 20.

A/N- There is a post in the similar name in Launchora. That’s mine too. 😀 Happy reading folks!


There’s no certain day you need to be thankful about getting introduced to the best school of witchcraft and wizardry in the world. But since 26th of June 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of the very first book in the series of seven, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I will take this opportunity to extend my unfeigned thanks to the following-

First, the Queen for bearing the painful days of her past and transforming the sweet-bitter memories into life lessons for many. Thank You JRo, for penning down and making us crave for the fantasy world of Hogwarts. We are still waiting for our Hogwarts Letter and there’s a hidden pleasure in doing so.

To Warner Brothers for adapting it to a movie, making the franchise go wider and stronger. Though a fair number of scenes from the books, which have been almost everyone’s favourite, didn’t make it to the big screen. We are thankful for whatever you did. Thank You for breathing life into those characters, their replacement is hard to find.

To the characters in the series, this is for all the characters because there’s not a single person I am ungrateful to. You people shaped my childhood and made me a better person every time. I am thankful to Umbridge as much I am thankful to Arthur because they both were extreme characters, one stood at the bad end while the other at the good extreme. Without Umbridge, we would not have known what a decent human is and the entire fandom will agree that she made Lord Voldemort look less evil. I am thankful to Snape, Lupin, Tonks, Bill, Fleur, Hedwig, Hermione, Dobby, Harry, Lily, James, Sirius, Molly, Ron, Fred, George; they all defined various shades of love! Love is not that typical as we see it. It comes and makes itself feel home in different ways. To Professor McGonagall for being such a disciplined and fearless teacher yet being totally badass in the turn of events.

To the subjects which made me loathe my muggle education, to Crookshanks, Hedwig, Pigwidgeon, for making me believe how pets can make your life a little better.

To the dementors because only unhappiness can make us look for the happiest of our memories.

To the Order of Phoenix for standing out for your community and against the dreadful flight of the Dark Lord’s death eaters.

To the Dumbledore’s Army for believing in one’s capabilities, for believing that all great wizards and witches once started out as a bunch of students who went on and had their name printed on the walls of history.

To the game of brooms and snitch, to Quidditch. For giving us a magnificent sport which the muggles fail to understand.

To the Houses in Hogwarts, they made us fight our way out to get sorted in our favorite houses, very much unlike the way it’s done in the magical world. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin, these four are more than names to the houses, they are family. Holding their members together right from their inception.

To Butterbeer and Fire Whiskey, I am saving myself from the muggle drinks for both of you.

And lastly, to the Potterheads who have always been there, who have experienced changes in their lives in ways similar to mine. To the bunch of Potterheads I have known for life, thank you for being ready for any sort of discussion about Harry Potter at any time of the day.

20 years and you’re still as charming and welcoming as you were on the day of your launch. Breathing into our lives ‘The Boy who Lived’ we will forever remain grateful to you.

“Whether you come back page by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”

Let’s revive our copies of the Sorcerer’s Stone from the shelf and get engulfed in the arms of the extraordinary world of witchcraft and wizardry once again.


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