How does one cope up with the loss of her loved one? Who does she turn to share her thoughts, her dreams, her desires, her tears?


He left her.

Maybe he was never there after all.

She thought of the days when she used to share her darkest, deepest and desperate desires but he was no Mirror of Erised who would reflect it.

As she remembers, he was dark, tall but she never saw his face and he used to wear not so distinctive dark clothes.

There was even a pattern in his arrival, as soon as the lights went out and she lit the candles he would appear from nowhere.

But he left her now.

Or maybe he’s still there and she’s not able to see him anymore.

The hands scanned and roamed against the walls where he used to appear everytime it went dark.

Now that she felt darkness all around, he was nowhere to be seen anymore.

He’s still there but the power with which she saw him was no more there.