Colorful Geology of Dolerite

This is a collaged photo of thin-section of Dolerite.

Dolerite holds a marked place in the QAPF diagram. It is an intermediate between Mafic gabbro and Felsic granite. So the minerals present are Quartz, Plagioclase, alkali feldspars, amphibolites, biotite and some specimen like this one contain epidote.

The bottom right-hand image shows us parallel alternate dark and bright bands which are geologically termed as “Lamellar twinning”. And this type of twinIMG_20161103_152722.jpgning is mostly found in Plagioclase mineral. These are also called Polysynthetic Twinning.






The two images below show minerals with cross-hatched twinning or Tartan twinning which is distinct in Microline minerals.


The random orange laths present are Biotite. And I am not sure what the green mass may refer to Amphibolite or Epidote. ( A little help here would do)





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