When Songs tell a Story. A Tribute to Chester.

A/N- I am deeply saddened by the sudden demise of the great singer, the inspiration behind numerous music bands that came into existence after listening to Linkin Park Songs, CHESTER BENNINGTON. We have always loved you sir and the world won’t be any musical now!
this is an attempt to use most of their songs into a storytelling verse of how we are affected by this sudden incident!
We’ll keep you in our memory, forever!


The Faint memory of your songs Crawling up in my Castle of Glass, Numbed me for What I’ve Done. Breaking the Habit and Burning it Down like the Burning Skies of that afternoon finally getting Lost in the Echo as the Shadow of the Day went out, Guilty all the Same.


Now I am One Step Closer to your Final Masquerade, the fear From the Inside is up to the brim. I need to stay here Until it’s Gone finally getting A Place For My Head.


But I didn’t know getting late would make me enter a New Divide where the Light  Never Comes. The Catalyst to the life of million people was Waiting for the End, all Given up. He was heading Somewhere he didn’t Belong retiring from the Battle  Symphony.


With a Heavy heart, I promised for No more Sorrows for he always said,

“When you’re feeling empty,

             keep me in your memory


                              Leave Out All The Rest.”



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