Father’s Day or a Lifeless Life?

He was nervous.

Drops of sweat resting on head dropped on the floor with every jerk, giving it a taste of salt.

Cracking his knuckles every time they went white with the pressure he put on them.

Flashbacks of the similar days made him go numb, they had never made it through, he never made it through.

The entire room was full of known faces, their prayers and unwanted banters but nothing reached his ears.

All he could hear was a slight touch of the heels of the lady, on the concrete floor, walking out from the room where his life laid.

That smile on the lady’s face while handing him over the most precious gift of his life made him forget every other thing, all the failure they had faced earlier.

He was a Dad now!

Before the nurse could say anything,

He carried the baby and went inside the room but was welcomed by a lifeless body of a beautiful lady.

She made him a Father but made him let go of his duties as a Husband.

He was unsure of his feelings, if he should cry over the dead body of his wife or be happy about the crying little baby girl in his arms.

He was unsure of if it was a

Father’s Day or the start of a Lifeless Life?



I was born some million years back, powered by the energy within the Earth, some parts sheared and some others mylonitized.

I witnessed the climate change, the Earth change. And then she came, first as a channel of flowing blue sapphire addressing and facing the obstacles bravely.

With time she started expanding, becoming bigger with every passing moment, more furious and slithering during the phases of tranquility, meandering along.

Calm at places and violent with dips. She has cut across numerous biggies, including me. But here I stand, proudly presenting the world the roaring and unstoppable waterfall.


Snapped at Bhimkund, Keonjhar.


A/N- This is a little something on pebbles without which an Earth scientist’s rock collection is incomplete.

I am the colored dots in your aquarium,

I am the one you need for mulching.

Traditional therapies look for me,

distant travelers walk down me, to reach their destinations.

I am the lodestar for the thirsty travelers looking for rivers,

I remind everyone of how dangerous the flow of water can be.

I am the most loved possession of a Geologist.


A pebble.


This picture is from my personal collection and was shot at Bhimkund, Keonjhar, Odisha.


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